Arthritis is primarily caused by inflammation of joints characterized by pain, swelling and stiffness .

TotalArthritis™ is a natural pain balm that is scientifically and clinically proven to aid in arthritis from becoming chronic. We believe there is a balance between nature and humans. Remedies for a lot of health conditions have been found in plants and other naturally occurring materials. Our Journey is to unlock & understand nature's secrets.

TotalArthritis’s bio-active, and anti-inflammation formula helps in achieving sustained and complete pain relief due to various types of arthritis and related conditions1 :

Most people suffering from Arthritis do not realize the gradual slowness in their activities and its impact on their lifestyle. They grow into the slow inactive phase and learn to live with it. This spirals into a condition called “Chronic Arthritis”. The inactivity and lack of mobility thereafter are well known to lead to other serious complications such as hypertension, diabetics, leading to other heart conditions. Our goal is to manage pain early on, “make life active again” in people suffering from arthritis.

Early -Use

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1Not a cure for these conditions