Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe in nature and its tremendous power to help people to find a solution for everything in their life!

Phyto Biologic Lab started thinking about the aid for maintaining our clients’ good health 40 years ago. Since then, we are trying to make an effective topical formula from herbs to get incredible results. Generally, many side effects are found in different organs (stomach, kidney and liver) after using some medications like NSAID, steroids. Phyto Biologic Lab aimed to develope a new topical herbal formula for individuals to maintain a good joints and skin health with the help of nature without using chemicals.

Phyto Biologic Lab has a long-term mission and novel idea of providing a care to the community with the innovative herbal topical creams. Phyto Biologic Lab has been observing for 40 years the effects of some herbs on our body and skin.

Our products are 100% natural and unique, there is no analogue of that in the world. Our greatest hope and award to see all our customers happy with healthy joints and skin.

Overall Product Summary:

  • Most likely this is one of the best effective unique topical herbal formula for joint and skin care at present.
  • It is a Non-GMO herbal formula.
  • Probably and most likely this is the first unique herbal topical formula which can work on different kind of pro-inflammatory cytokines at the same time without any problem and side effect..
  • Most likely this is a topical herbal formula which has total effect on pain and inflammation.
  • Powdered and fresh herbs are used to make the formula.
  • Petroleum jelly is one of the non-active ingredient in the formula.